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Ruminal Bolus

There are two types of ruminal bolus with different weight and size. The bolus is implanted orally and placed in the reticulum or the second ruminant stomach where it will remain all throughout the animal's lifespan. 

The Rumen Bolus can use for livestock and manager the livestocks easily. Doowa can supply high performance rumen bolus tag with very competitive price.It can be implanted easily by our designed applicator.

  Name Description
HDX RFID Rumen Bolus (67.5g)

Rumen Bolus (rumen bolus) material:bioceramics,weight:67.5g ,Ø19.1±0.3mm ,length:67mm,packing:20 pcs/ box,International Committee For Animal Recording (ICAR)

HDX RFID Rumen Bolus (19.5g)

Rumen Bolus (rumen bolus) material:bioceramics,weight:19.5g,Ø11.1±0.3mm,length:57mm,packing:40 pcs/ box,International Committee For Animal Recording (ICAR)

FDX-B and HDX RFID Rumen Bolus Tag Applicator

134.2kHz ISO11784/85 HDX FDX-B biocompatible Ceramic There types : 20g 50g 70g , specially design for cattle,small cattle,sheep and deer Rumen bolus is recommended as a safe, permanent and tamper-proof method of electronic identification and Cattle Bolus is also suitable to trace stolen cattle.

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