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HT001 is a kind of microchip syringe kit that designed exclusively by Doowa for animal health and animal welfare. It contains a disposable syringe, a parylene coating glasstag, 6 barcode labels and a sterilized paper-plastic packing pouch.

  • ISO 11784/11785 standard
  • Top quality European chips
  • Temperature sensor to sense the animal’s body temperature in judging animal health.
  • Coupled with Doowa Tech reader PT200T, HT001 thermo chip provides a perfect solution in animal smart breeding, health management and animal identification.
  • Doowa patent chip
 Microchip Specification
Chip Standard ISO11784/5 FDX-B
Frequency                                  134.2KHz
Size Ø2.12*12mm
Material Bio-glass
Guarantee 20years
Temperature  Range 35°C to 43°C(95℉ to 109.4℉)
Temperature  Accuracy ±0.1℃(0.18℉)
Color White
Weight 6.86g
Length 111±2mm
Width 50±1mm
Reader PT200T
Reading Distance Animal ID: 10cm   /  Healthy ID: 5cm
Package 20pcs/box
Sterilization EO gas
Barcode Label 6 barcode stickers
Guarantee 20 years for chip, 5 years for sterilization
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