Storage Capability About 2000 Items and Reading distance 50-80mm

FDX-B & ID64 Handheld RFID Reader/Scanner

Category: Microchip Scanner & Reader

Microchip Scanner

Model DWC-180

Overview – FDX-B & ID64 Handheld RFID Microchip Reader / RFID Microchip Scanner

This series of low frequency RFID Microchip Readers for Animal Tracking provide a low cost easy-to-use system for animal identification and management. The series consists of two versions of the reader: The DWC-180 reads compatible RFID tags, displays the tag ID on the screen and stores the data to onboard memory. The other has the additional capability to upload the data in real time via Bluetooth to any enabled PC or PDA.

Specifications – 134.2kHz Handheld RFID Reader for Animal Tracking

Data memory EEPROM 32kB,storage capability about 2000 items
Keyboard 3 keys
Interface Bluetooth 2.0, USB2.0, or No data interface
Screen 128 * 32 OLED( Wikipedia reference)
Beep Yes
Clock Yes
Battery AA*3PCS
Tag Compatibility 11784/85 FDX-B and ID64 
Work Frequency 134.2kHz
Reading distance 50-80mm
Standby Time 7 days
Consecutive Working 12 hours
Work Temperature Operating at -20°C to 50°C
Store Temperature Storage at -20°C to 65°C
Work Humidity 5% to 90% no frost
maximum magnetic field strength at a distance of 10 m : 66 µa/m

134.2kHz Handheld RFID Microchip Reader Suite

134.2kHz Handheld RFID Microchip Reader Suite

Application Usage – 134.2kHz Handheld RFID Microchip Reader for Animal Tracking

Pet management, livestock & poultry management, Wild animal managemen

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